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    It begins with a bite.

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From smallpox to swine flu, learn how disease pandemics have shaped human history and what we can expect, and prepare for, next.

More About Disease

  • Photo: Malnourished children in Dhaka, India

    War on Disease—Challenges for Humanity

    Microbes threaten billions of people in a world weakened by poverty, war, and lack of clean water—and now, new infections may be emerging.

  • Photo: A Thai farmer wearing protective clothing on his land

    Tracking the Next Killer Flu

    In Southeast Asia a virus that kills chickens is now also killing people. And in those deaths, public health experts hear the distant rumbling of a global catastrophe.

  • Photo: Doctor with stethoscope

    Infectious Disease Quiz

    See what can travel faster than a jumbo jet, wipe out entire civilizations, and confound the world's top researchers.

  • Image: Anopheles mosquito.

    Malaria—Bedlam in the Blood

    Nearly half a billion people get malaria worldwide each year. More than a million die. After decades of neglect, the world is renewing its fight against the disease.

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    600,000 Salmon Restock California River

    As California's drought endangers Chinook salmon, fisheries officials release 600,000 baby salmon into the Sacramento River, triple the usual number, in hopes that many return to spawn. Video.

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    Learn about what's passed on from generation to generation with an interactive look at DNA.

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