The human body is an amazing machine. Find out how it works from head to toe.

More About the Human Body

  • <p>Photo: Tibetan monk outfitted with electrodes</p>

    Beyond the Brain

    What goes on within the human skull is more complex and fantastic than anyone imagined. And scientists are finding ways to delve even deeper into what we know of the mind.

  • <p>Photo: Museum heart display</p>

    Mending Broken Hearts

    Cheeseburgers, smoking, stress—risk factors for heart disease, a malady reaching global epidemic proportions. Now, discoveries about genetic triggers may help us spot trouble before it starts.

  • <p>Photo: Former lifeguard with skin cancers</p>

    Unmasking Skin

    Equal parts armor, air-conditioning system, and genetic heritage, skin is more than skin-deep. Scientists are probing beneath the surface of the body's largest organ.

  • <p>Photo: A male peacock displays elaborate plumage</p>

    Animal Attraction

    Males will do whatever it takes to win the mating game: sing, dance, fight a rival, build a house, give a gift. But in the end, it's usually the females who do the choosing.

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