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Moon Quiz


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More About the Moon

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Photo: Man on the moon

Man and the Moon

Discover 15 things that you didn't know about the moon, learn what the ancients believed, and get more in this lunar roundup from the National Geographic Channel.

Photo: Moon explorer

1969 Article: "First Explorers on the Moon"

Experience the 1969 moon landing as more than six million people did: in the pages of National Geographic. Transcripts, an in-depth look at Apollo 11, and even a "Sounds of Space" record bring the mission to life.

Photo: Astronaut at Plum Crater on the moon

Time Line: Space Exploration

A lot has happened since Laika the Russian dog first took a trip into orbit in 1957. Revisit that milestone—and many others—in this interactive time line.

Photo: Man on the Moon

Quiz: Moon Landing

How much do you know about U.S. Apollo missions to the moon?

Quiz: Moon Myth

Quiz: Moon Mysteries and Myths

For every fact we know about the moon there are a hundred superstitions, legends, and mysteries. See how well you know your lunar lore.


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Find out who takes home the Grand Prize!

Photo: Man carrying a kayak

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Check out adventure videos from our West Coast Adventure Editor Steve Casimiro and go "Behind the Lens."

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Photo: A tornado

Get the science behind avalanches, tsunamis, and more.

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Photo: Two penguins

Help conserve the world's natural resources.