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Photo: The Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 in 1972


It's the life of the solar system.

Photo: Jupiter's moon Io


It's the giant of the solar system.

Photo: Shadow of rover Opportunity on Mars


Where did all the water go?

Photo: Mercury


It's the sun's nearest neighbor.

Photo: Neptune and moon Triton


It's invisible to the naked eye.

Photo: Saturn and its rings


It's the lord of the rings.

Photo: Uranus


This blue planet is out of whack.

Photo: Venus and Earth's moon


Is it Earth's sister planet?

Did You Know?

A Trip Around the Sun

The majority of main-belt asteroids are in stable orbits that take between three and six years to complete a full circuit around the sun.

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Photo: Saturn's moon Dione

Article: Voyage to Saturn

The Cassini probe began its voyage to Saturn in 1997. Photos it has taken have revealed secrets of the ringed giant as well as clues to the very beginning of the solar system.

Photo: The sun, magnetism made visible

Article: The Sun—Living With a Stormy Star

Our life-giving sun throws tempests that can scramble modern technology. But new telescopes and satellites allow scientists to probe the secrets of this temperamental star.

Photo: Martian dunes

Article: A Mars Never Dreamed Of

The more scientists see of Mars, the more mystified and astonished they are about the powerful forces that shape its terrain. And new images are intensifying the debate.

Photo: Wheatley crater on Venus

Photo Gallery: Venus

At first glance Venus seems similar to Earth in many ways. But intense temperatures capable of melting lead and a sulfuric-acid shroud of clouds tell a different story.

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Photo: 2009 Winner

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Find out who takes home the Grand Prize!

Photo: Man carrying a kayak

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Photo: A tornado

Get the science behind avalanches, tsunamis, and more.

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Photo: Two penguins

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