Kentucky Justice | National Geographic Channel

Kentucky Justice | National Geographic Channel

Harlan County, Kentucky, is no stranger to violence. Its long mining history means it's seen its fair share of corruption, moon-shining, and murder. The coal mining wars may be over, but with a depressed economy, including the closure of many mines, the County is facing a new crime wave: a growi

Megastructures: Mountain Highway | National Geographic ...

Discover the high-stakes exploits of engineers and construction crews as they race to move the world's largest tunnel boring machine from Germany to Italy, where they will use it to build a mountain superhighway. The Sparvo Tunnel is just one piece of the giant jigsaw that makes up the Variante

How To Survive the End of the World | National Geographic ...

How To Survive the End of the World | National Geographic ...

How To Survive the End of the World examines terrifying and scientifically plausible doomsday scenarios by exploring six distinct, world-threatening events—flooding, freezing, continent-wide storm systems, a global volcanic cataclysm, a killer pandemic, and nano-technology run amok—and the methods b

Croc Catchers | Nat Geo Wild

Croc Catchers | Nat Geo Wild

Australia’s Saltwater Crocodiles are the biggest most fearsome reptiles alive. They’re big, brash, fast and capable of consuming any animals that enter their territory – including humans.  On the break of extinction as recently as the 1970s, Australia’s “Salties” have bounced back thanks to

Amish on Break | National Geographic Channel

Five Amish teenagers leave their sheltered community for the first time to spend four weeks abroad in the United Kingdom. It's a trip full of firsts — first time on an airplane, first visit to the ocean and first nightclub. We'll see how they react to the seedy streets of London,

When Sharks Attack | Nat Geo Wild

When Sharks Attack | Nat Geo Wild

From America’s coastline to exotic beaches around the world, the number of reported shark attacks has increased in the last half century. Many of the attacks are popping up in new and surprising locations. Nat Geo WILD investigates these attacks to see what is affecting some of nature’s most feared

The Incredible Dr Pol: Pigs in a Blanket | National Geographic ...

As winter drags on Charles, Dr. Pol and the rest of clinic staff brave the frigid temperatures to keep animals healthy in the clinic and on the farm. The first stop is an organic farm where the owner recently lost two calves to a mysterious infection. Across town, Dr. Brenda is called out to visit a

Iran and the West | National Geographic Channel

As the citizens of Iran head to the polls in June, NGC sheds light on their complex relationship with the United States. What were the forces that led to the current volatile state of affairs? How did this nuclear-seeking Middle East nation evolve into a strong supporter of Islamic terrorists in t

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