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  • Photo: The rednecks

    Rocket City Rednecks

    Wednesdays at 9P and 9:30P

    Meet a group of backwoods Alabama geniuses who tackle problems with hillbilly ingenuity.

  • Photo: Sparks fly in the shop.

    Mad Scientists

    Wednesdays at 10P and 10:30P

    Travel across America with host John Bowler as he seeks out the weirdest inventions.

National Geographic Magazine

  • Photo: Solar plasma loops

    Solar Storms Pictures

    The space-weather forecast for the next few years: solar storms, with a chance of catastrophic blackouts on Earth. Are we prepared?

  • Photo: Terra-Cotta warrior painted buff

    Terra-Cotta Army Pictures

    Archaeologists and artists, armed with the latest tools and techniques, are bringing the life-size army of painted clay soldiers back to life.

  • Photo: Bucolic field in the Dolomites

    Visions Pictures

    Each month, National Geographic magazine features breathtaking photographs in Visions of Earth. Browse through visions of the world as seen through a photographer's eye.

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