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  • Nikola Tesla, physicist, engineer and inventor of alternating current power, early 1900s

    5 Surprising Facts About Nikola Tesla

    The brilliant inventor gets a new statue in Long Island. Tesla had a fascinating history and laid the groundwork for many core technologies.

  • Yersinia pestis, a bacterium that causes bubonic plague.

    New High-Tech Lab to Fight Plague

    A $102 million biosecurity laboratory set to open in Kazakhstan will help scientists study dangerous diseases such as plague, which is re-emerging in Central Asia.

  • Rescuers search for victims after the March 3, 2012 tornado in Henryville, Indiana.

    Heartbeat Detector May Save Lives

    A new device will help search and rescue teams scan wreckage for survivors following disasters such as earthquakes, scientists say.

  • Picasso's painting, ''Le Gourmet.''

    Unleashing Tech on Art Mysteries

    Scientists are using advanced technologies—from x-rays to facial recognition software—to look at history's masterpieces.

  • 3-D printed heads.

    Improving 3-D Printing

    Through biomimicry, design based on nature, 3-D printing technology could get safer and better.

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  • ee-dl-989.jpg

    Emerging Explorer Class of 2012 Announced

    Meet these visionary, young trailblazers from around the world.

  • Photo: Climbers headlamps are seen near the peak of Everest at night.

    Everest 2012

    Follow mountaineer Conrad Anker, photographer Cory Richards, and their team as they attempt the West Ridge route in the alpine style, carrying all their own food, shelter, and equipment.

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  • Photo: Solar plasma loops

    Solar Storms Pictures

    The space-weather forecast for the next few years: solar storms, with a chance of catastrophic blackouts on Earth. Are we prepared?

  • Photo: Terra-Cotta warrior painted buff

    Terra-Cotta Army Pictures

    Archaeologists and artists, armed with the latest tools and techniques, are bringing the life-size army of painted clay soldiers back to life.

  • Photo: Bucolic field in the Dolomites

    Visions Pictures

    Each month, National Geographic magazine features breathtaking photographs in Visions of Earth. Browse through visions of the world as seen through a photographer's eye.

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