Learn more about the Earth's dramatic landforms, from the tops of majestic mountains to the depths of mysterious caves and everything in between.

More About the Surface of the Earth

  • <p>Photo: Man swimming in cave</p>

    Call of the Abyss

    An intrepid team of explorers broke the depth record in Krubera—the world's deepest cave. They'd barely gotten home before a second team went deeper.

  • <p>Photo: Sand dunes in China's Alashan Plateau</p>

    Alashan Plateau—China's Unknown Gobi

    Salty spring-fed lakes, towering sand dunes, and the ghosts of an ancient walled city lie at the heart of China's remote Alashan Plateau in the Gobi.

  • <p>Photo: Surf pounds Cathedral Rock, South Africa</p>

    South Africa's Teeming Seas

    Call it the greatest shoal on Earth. Cold and warm waters surge together off the coast of South Africa to create rich marine ecosystems and a billion sardines on the move.

  • <p>Photo: Canyon walls and river</p>

    Glen Canyon Revealed

    Drought drains Lake Powell—uncovering the glory of Glen Canyon.


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