• Photo: Sea kayaker paddles through an ice cave

    Photos: Extreme Caves

    Go Inside These Mysterious Underground Chambers

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Journey through the center of the Earth, explore the planet's dynamic systems and dramatic landforms, and learn about the atmosphere that keeps us alive.

More About Earth

  • <p>Photo: Dumping waste rock</p>

    Mining's Hard Rock Legacy

    Mines in the U.S. West still ride cycles of boom and bust, but decades of rising environmental standards now demand that they produce without repeating the disasters of the past.

  • <p>Photo: Swirling orange sky in Tioga Pass, Yosemite National Park</p>

    Yosemite—Grace Under Pressure

    It attracts more than three million visitors each year. But beyond the herds of tourists there is another Yosemite—less familiar, but charged with a power of its own.

  • <p>Photo: Carson Refinery, California</p>

    The Coal Paradox

    Coal is plentiful—and polluting. Can an energy-hungry world afford to wait for this fuel to clean up?

  • <p>Photo: Surf crashes onto the  Giant's Causeway rocks.</p>


    They form within the Earth and make up a large part of our planet—literally. Rock your world and get to know granite, see where sandstone comes from, and learn what makes marble.


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