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  • Photo: Sunlight People

    Egyptian Afterlife

    New evidence shows that human sacrifice helped populate the royal city of the dead.

  • Photo: Ruins of ancient city

    King Herod Revealed

    Herod was one of the most imaginative and energetic builders of the ancient world.

  • Photo: Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

    The Legend

    No other queen of the ancient world—not Hatshepsut or Nefertiti, not Helen of Troy or Boudicca of the Celts—carries with her the intrigue of Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra VII.

  • Picture of Maya bowl found in royal tomb noted for holding bowls of human fingers in Guatemala

    Photos: Odd Maya Tomb's Artifacts

    Human fingers in stunningly preserved tamale bowls, jeweled teeth, monkey-head pottery, and more have been found in a Maya tomb, archaeologists say.

  • <p>Photo: A man wearing a cowboy hat</p>

    Guardian of a Ghost World

    For 50 years rancher Waldo Wilcox guarded a Utah canyon full of artifacts from the ancient Fremont culture. Now the secret's out.

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  • Paul-Salopek-Ethiopia-Walk3-990x659.jpg

    Out of Eden Walk

    Where will Paul Salopek walk on his seven-year adventure? Find out as he updates us from the field.

  • hub_tease2.jpg

    Feed the World

    National Geographic explores how we can feed the growing population without overwhelming the planet in our food series.

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  • Photo: Ruins of Timgad, the most intact of Roman cities in Algeria.

    Roman Frontiers Pictures

    Rome’s border walls were the beginning of its end.

  • Photo: Easter Island at night

    Easter Island Pictures

    How did the Easter Island statues move? That question puzzles archaeologists—and modern-day islanders.

  • Photo: Terra-Cotta warrior painted buff

    Terra-Cotta Army Pictures

    Archaeologists and artists, armed with the latest tools and techniques, are bringing the life-size army of painted clay soldiers back to life.