• A photo of a chimpanzee hanging off a branch.

    People Evolved Puny Muscles

    Humans Evolved Weak Muscles to Feed Brain's Growth

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Science and Space Features

  • robitic-competition-vid.jpg

    Robots Battle Robots in World Championship

    Each spring, high school students from around the world gather for the FIRST Robotics Competition. It's an experience that can change kids’ lives.

  • A photo of the 2014 World Cup soccer ball

    Soccer Ball Physics

    With just six panels and a rough surface, the new Brazuca ball seems to move more predictably than previous World Cup balls.


  • Photo of an elderly woman.

    What Speeds Up Aging?

    A new study urges more work on "gerontogens," which speed up the aging process.


  • NASA Unveils Selfie of Earth From Space

    Get a closer look at the stunning mosaic that was created with tens of thousands of selfies taken by people from around the world.


  • Photo of the Cameloparilid meteor shower.

    Why the Meteor Shower Was a Bust

    The much hyped, never-before-seen Camelopardilid meteor storm last weekend turned out to be more of a cosmic trickle.


  • hot-pepper-990x632.jpg

    No Pain, No Aging

    Is the link between pain and aging due to the perception of pain itself?


Blog: StarStruck

  • Herschel-Space-Observatory.jpg

    Herschel Space Observatory Running On Empty

    After three years of scouring the universe for evidence of the most distant galaxies, the Herschel Space Observatory is running out of fuel.

  • 2009_MarIslands_Enewetak-blog.jpg

    Chasing the Total Solar Eclipse

    When the Moon slips between the Earth and Sun this week, Slovak astronomer Vojtech Rusin will be ready on a hotel balcony in Cairns, Australia to witness his 19th total solar eclipse.

  • Venus-Planetary-West-Map-blog.jpg

    A Grand Tour of the Universe

    Armchair astronomers this kind of atlas—a series of maps and charts that evokes the ability to navigate a place, usually by ship or some sort of vehicle, is for you. In this case all you need is imagination.

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The Innovators Project

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How to Feed Our Growing Planet

  • hub_tease2.jpg

    Feed the World

    National Geographic explores how we can feed the growing population without overwhelming the planet in our food series.

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  • Explaining Stillbirth

    A new study on marmoset monkeys offers some hints about the causes of stillbirth.


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  • 141222-wild-bird-hospital-vin_160x120.jpg

    Life and Death in a Bird E.R.

    The Wild Bird Fund is the only center in New York City to nurse birds and treat their injuries. The goal is to release the birds back into the wild. Video.

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