Puzzles & Quizzes

  • Extreme close-up picture of the green stalks of a plant

    Your Shot Photo Puzzle—Slide

    Scroll through hundreds of photos shared by members of our Your Shot photo community, and play a timed slider puzzle with three different levels of difficulty.

  • Picture of a bee on a yellow flower

    Your Shot Photo Puzzle—Jigsaw

    Challenge yourself playing a timed jigsaw puzzle chosen from among hundreds of photos shared by members of our Your Shot photo community. Puzzle offers three different sizes of playing pieces so you can customize your gameplay.

  • Photo: Big Ben clock tower

    Travel Quizzes

    Test your knowledge of countries, cities, national parks, holidays, and festivals, and even international foods.

  • <p>Photo: Cat licking nose</p>

    Animal Quizzes

    When do cats purr? What is North America's largest songbird? What is the world's fastest primate? The answers might surprise you. See how much you know about animals by taking our animal quizzes.

  • Photo: Screenshot from the game, Fight Science, showing a mannequin with a bull's-eye on its forehead

    NatGeoTV Games & Interactives

    Find games and interactives from some of National Geographic Channel's hottest shows, including Dog Whisperer, Fight Science, Taboo, and more.

Did You Know?

Proceeds from the sale of our games help further National Geographic's nonprofit mission to increase global understanding through education, research, and conservation. Your support counts!

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